DropBox as a Server


The most popular topic we have discussed for three years running in our Technology class is our own use of DropBox as a server. We do not have a server, or backup, or remote logins and run offices in 3 states on this simple system running on 32 computers that costs $138 annually (total, not per computer).



Compilation and Review – SSARS 21 New Rules

As the only US owned CPE provider presenting compilation seminars from CPAs who actually still practice full time, we have written what we believe is 2015’s most practical seminar discussing the all new rules of SSARS 21. As we state in our opening discussion “This Changes Everything” and if you weren’t aware of it every accountant’s report, every engagement letter and every compilation has changed NOW.



Individual Tax Planning

Late this summer, we will be publishing our new “Individual Tax Planning” course and making it available live and via self-study around the country. After 40 years of training and experience with low income and high income clients, TaxSpeaker has brought this wealth of knowledge to an incredibly practical new class. We bring literally dozens of new ideas to the class, identify major and minor planning options, provide multiple calculators, checklists and worksheets and explain with examples, numerous solutions for clients with low income, high income or AMT income tax planning concerns. This new course brings you practical guidance from real, full-time practitioners and will have an immediate impact on your income tax clients. Even more importantly, since each concept includes real life examples and forms you will be able to actually understand the ideas presented!



2015 TaxSpeaker Welcome Video


2014/2015 Foreign Reporting for Individuals

With one month to go if you are like me, I get real confused when I have clients asking questions about foreign assets, what has to be reported, where it goes, etc. Further below, to give you that last tax season edge, we have re-printed a chart from our 2014/2015 Foreign Reporting for Individuals” manual. (Full manual is available in a printed format or ebook) READ MORE


2015 Guide to Understanding Social Security and Medicare

2015 Guide to Understanding Social Security & Medicare

2015 Understanding Social Security and Medicare by Bob Jennings, CPA, CFP



Just the Facts Ma’am



Air ticket guidance



Client Letter for IRA invested in limited partnership



2014 Year End Client Letter

Download Word Format Document: 2014 Year End 1040 Client Letter